The most exciting new homes for the future of homes

Here are the most exciting homes for future homes.

1. The modern modernist building from the designer that won the 2014 World’s Fair in New York City.

The home is designed by the French architect Léon Chassé and is located on the shores of the Maritimes in the picturesque island of St. John’s.

The architect is the grandson of famed French designer Henri Cartier-Bresson.


Zillow: A modern, modernist house that looks as if it’s been home to a queen or queen’s court.

The 1,200-square-foot home, which was designed by architecture studio Bauhaus and completed in 2011, features an open kitchen, expansive living and dining areas, a spa and a wine cellar.


Neumos: The New York-based company’s modern house on the South Coast of England.

The house is on the property of local developer John Murray and is the second home on the site, following the house built in 2005 by his daughter, Emily Murray, and the home designed by architect Richard Smith.


Ritz-Carlton: The upscale mansion at the heart of the luxury Ritz Carlton in Melbourne, Australia.

The mansion was built in 2007 by architect Peter McLean and was designed and built by the award-winning architect James Pollock.


Architectural Digest: This home by renowned American architect Edward Hall designed by James Pollocks in the 1920s and ’30s is on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New Orleans.


Apt. The latest-generation modern house with an eye toward the future.

The property, designed by Margo Scott, features a 1,000-square foot kitchen and a living room that is shared with a private terrace, with a deck that overlooks the ocean.


Architecta Group: The first home on this list by French architect Jean-Michel Léger is a masterpiece of modern design.

The 7,800-square feet house in the French Riviera city of Lyon, France, is on sale for $1.5 million.


Modern Design Homes: The most affordable modern homes in the country for families looking to downsize.

The $600,000 house on Long Island, New York, is designed and completed by architect David Zincze.


Kite Hill: The home of the late architect Robert Mapplethorpe in San Francisco, California.

The building, designed in 1885 by the celebrated architect, was built by architect John Kline and is on a 300-acre farm in the Pacific Northwest.


Zendesk: The world’s first house with a solar panel roof.

The Zendessk in Santa Monica, California, is owned by the architectural firm of W.K. Kellogg and designed by Frank Gehry.


The Architects Guild: The top-selling home for homeowners looking for an affordable place to live.

The A.G. home in Seattle, Washington, has a large pool and a full-size spa and is a prime example of a modernist structure with a modern look.


Redfin: The award-nominated luxury home by the same name in Chicago is a beautiful example of modernist architecture.

The 9,000 square-foot building on the northwest side of the city features an indoor and outdoor living area, a dining room with a fireplace, two large bedrooms, a master bath and a pool, as well as a large patio and garden.


Cushman & Jones: The designer of this modernist home is the nephew of famous French architect Pierre de Ferre.

The design features a massive outdoor courtyard, a two-level basement, a three-level outdoor living room, an open garage and a massive kitchen and living room.


Zazzle: This stylish, modern home in Portland, Oregon, is a classic example of an architect’s design that incorporates contemporary materials and finishes.

The 12,500-square‑foot house features a full kitchen, living room and living area.


Aventura: The design by the American architect Peter Grosvenor is designed for a family that wants to live in a house that is modern but still retains its classic qualities. The 8,500‑square‑meter home is on this listing in the beautiful coastal town of Lake Tahoe.


Lendlease: A new family home in a new location that looks like it’s meant to be a modern residence. The 2,200‑square-feet house was designed in 2012 by the architecture firm of M.P.C. and was built on land owned by Lend Lease.


HOA Living: The family home is a contemporary, modern house that offers an escape from modern day drudgery for the family.

The 6,500 square-meter house

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