What you need to know about the city’s new parks and recreation centre

In the next year, the city will build a new outdoor recreation centre for the homeless, an outdoor sports centre for cyclists, an urban park for cyclists and a park for walking.

The parks and recreational centres will be funded through a local carbon levy.

But the city is not just spending money on new things.

The city is also putting in place some of the most ambitious public infrastructure plans in recent years.

Read more: What’s new for this year The biggest change to the city centres is the creation of a new pedestrian precinct, known as the City Centre and the Park Plaza, which will contain a series of pedestrian bridges and pathways to connect with public areas and transport hubs.

These new pedestrian crossings will connect to pedestrian bridges that already exist on the city, and they will also provide a pathway for walking and cycling.

The pedestrian crossing will also be linked to the existing pedestrian bridge network, and be the city centre’s primary access point for accessing public transport.

This pedestrian crossing and the existing bridge will be the focus of a pilot project that will be completed in early 2017.

“The pedestrian crossing is going to be one of the biggest improvements we’ve made in the city,” Mr Ritchie said.

The pilot will be one phase of a wider $2.6 billion program that will see pedestrian crossings added to existing pedestrian bridges around the city.

The pilot will see a series and improvements to pedestrian crossings across the city that are currently being installed on the street, in parks and on city roads, Mr Riggins said.

The pedestrian bridge program has been funded with a carbon levy that is set to increase by $200 per year over the next decade.

This levy is being implemented as part of a number of measures that include the removal of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, the installation of traffic calming measures on existing pedestrian crossings and the development of new pedestrian infrastructure.

The pilot is part of the city planning and investment program to create the pedestrian infrastructure needed to address rising health and social needs.

It will also include the construction of the new pedestrian bridge over the Yarra River, which is the first major pedestrian bridge to be built on the river in Australia.

This bridge will link the Yarram Street and Yarra Street pedestrian crossings to the new park, which was originally planned for a public park.

The Yarram and Park Plaza will be an integrated public space for the public that includes retail, office, entertainment and recreation space, as well as an outdoor cafe and a cafe for the community.

The new park is expected to have about 30,000 square metres of public space, including a community garden, cafe and play space.

The park will also feature a community room with an outdoor patio, play area and public space.

The park plaza will include an indoor water feature, a bike path and a walking path.

The walkway will connect the park to the surrounding community area and to the public park, Mr Nield said.

“We want people to be able to walk their own streets, walk their way through the park and we want people walking the park,” he said.

“This is a really exciting project.”

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