How to celebrate graduation with cool room decor

The graduation of many young people across Canada is one of the hottest topics in social media this year, with many parents wondering what the decor is supposed to be.

But the rules of decorating a graduation are much less clear than they used to be, says Amanda Lasky, director of the Canadian Centre for the Study of Social and Cultural Diversity.

Students in the province will be able to dress up in their favourite colours and styles, with a few rules that students will have to follow, she said in an interview with the National Post.

“You are not allowed to be dressed up in a certain way, not even your hair, and you are not supposed to have any particular shoes on,” said Laskys.

“It’s a lot more casual, you know?

You can be dressed like a schoolboy or a schoolgirl.”

It will be up to students to decide what to wear and what they want to display, she added.

But there are other rules as well, she says, including the dress code, which says no formal or formal dress, including formal shoes.

And parents should make sure their kids are not disrupting their teachers or classmates, she told The Globe and Mail.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” said Ms. Laskies.

“But I think parents need to be aware that their students are not going to be the only ones who are there, and we need to respect each other.”

There are a few other rules, such as what kind of items are allowed on campus and what is allowed outside the classroom.

Students will also have to keep the door open during the ceremony, and be careful not to fall off of chairs.

A graduate of Concordia University in Quebec, Ms. Stoddard, said she is not surprised by the restrictions.

“It’s been a pretty good tradition since my childhood,” she told the Post.

“We have a lot of people who are from all walks of life, and the only thing they do is wear different colours, so that they can wear a different kind of uniform.”

For the most part, she has been able to keep her son’s clothes and shoes, although she has learned how to adjust her daughter’s dress to suit her.

But she did notice that the dress she wears now is more formal, which has made it hard to see her daughter, who is attending a different university, without being seen.

“As a mom, I have been very happy for her, but it’s kind of a challenge for me, because I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable or not appreciated,” she said.

“I do want her respect.”

Ms. Stoodard said she hopes other families will follow her example.

“Just because they are different, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be respected,” she explained.

“We are all human and we have our own little lives, and it’s important that we respect each others’ opinions and their wishes, and that’s something that we should all be able do.”

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