When it comes to the best home decor in NYC, here are the best new master bedroom upgrades that will make you happier

New Yorkers are starting to feel a little better about the state of the city’s home decor landscape.

It’s the year of the kitchen and dining room, and the city is brimming with new restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options.

But the biggest changes to the decor of the modern city come from the bedroom.

If you’ve been living in a home with a lot of living space, it’s probably been a while since you’ve heard the term “master bedroom” used in relation to your home.

Now, there’s a whole new generation of new master bedrooms being designed to fit that bill.

New York’s most recent master bedroom renovation project was a grand renovation of the old Waldorf Astoria in the city.

The home, which is located in the East Village, is one of the more historic buildings in the borough.

The renovation is one step closer to the iconic design of the Waldorf’s old New York home.

In a city with a growing population of millennial families, a major renovation to the Astoria could mean the difference between being able to get into the renovated Waldorf in time for Thanksgiving or a new home for someone who is looking for a big change in their home.

This is a big deal, especially in a city where the home is so central to a person’s life.

The Astoria was renovated in the late 1800s and was designed by the architect Charles B. Waldorf.

It was originally built for the Astor family, who owned the house for over 200 years.

The Waldorf is still a landmark for New Yorkers, but with the new master suite, the Astorians are now able to enjoy the luxury of a modern home.

The master bedroom suite will be in a new building next to the Waldorfs former home.

It is the first renovation to replace the Astors old home.

When the renovation is complete, the home will have an updated look, including a new staircase that leads up to the second floor of the new home.

You’ll also find an updated lobby, a new living room, a dining room with a fireplace, a bath with new sinks, and a new bathroom with a new shower.

This remodel also includes a new kitchen with modern appliances, a large living room with new storage space, and even a new garage.

This project is a huge deal, but it’s a home improvement project and the renovation isn’t finished yet.

The renovations will only be completed for about six months, so there’s still time for some new furnishings and fixtures to be installed.

The kitchen will include new appliances, including stainless steel appliances that have been refurbished.

The new kitchen will also include a fully functional stove and microwave.

The dining room will include a new table and chair and a newer, larger sink.

The bathroom will be completely renovated.

New bathrooms are being installed in all of the rooms of the home, including the kitchen, dining room and living room.

The second floor will also be upgraded with new appliances including new sinks and a full bath.

The landscaping is also being overhauled.

The renovated master suite will feature a new landscaping, including landscaping with a modern, curved roof that includes a walkway leading up to an expansive courtyard.

The outdoor patio will also feature a patio and patio seating.

The house is also now open to the public for the first time in several years.

Now you can get into your new home and experience a big new piece of architecture in the process.

The project will be completed by September, but the renovations won’t be complete for another year.

The newly renovated Astoria has been a symbol of New York City for over 300 years.

But for this new master suites renovation, they are opening to the general public.

If the Astora renovation goes well, it could be another landmark in the neighborhood for a generation.

We’re thrilled that the Astorian master suite renovation will help revitalize our neighborhood and help shape the future of New Yorkers.

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