How to create a decorative rock that makes the perfect backdrop for a wedding

The perfect backdrop can be a small rock, a piece of string, a candle or even a picture frame.

Here’s how to make your own decorative rocks.

Rock decorators know that a piece that’s made of a durable material, such as stone or cement, can last a lifetime.

But what about an embellished piece of rock that has been made from something else?

Here are the tips you need to know to get your rocks ready to grace your wedding day.


Create a decorative backdrop Rock decorator John Levesque says the best way to create an ideal backdrop is to think outside the box.

“Decorative rocks are perfect for hanging up on the wall,” he says.

“The way you do that is by taking a picture of something that’s interesting and interesting, and putting that in the background of the background.

You can create a rock from a piece you love or something you don’t know about.

And then you can have the picture of that rock hanging up next to it.”

For a more traditional look, Mr Levesques suggests using a stone that’s been hammered and shaped.

You’ll need to make sure that the stone isn’t too heavy or too soft, and you’ll need some decorative support to give the rock its character.

“If you want a rock that’s very flat, a rock with a rough texture, you’ll probably need some help in making it,” he adds.

“But it’s best to make the rock in a form that you can put it on.”


Decorate the rock With a simple brush or pencil, you can create the base for the rock.

This simple step will help you to get the rock into position and to create the effect of hanging on the background wall.

Mr Leveques suggests starting with a piece he loves.

“I would think that a stone would be perfect to start off with, and then a piece I love that’s a little bit different, I’d say a bit of a different colour and that’s just something that would work,” he explains.

“Then add a little something different to it, a bit more depth.”

This simple process will help to give your rocks a little personality and add a different element to the space.


Decorative baskets Mr Levelesque says that an interesting and unique background is best when you make your rocks to give it a sense of style and character.

You might want to consider adding a few decorative baskets, such the ones from a decorator’s workstation.

“These baskets will make your stones stand out,” he advises.

To make the baskets, Mr Lavesque suggests using some sort of paint or plastic. “

It’s important that the basket doesn’t get too big or too small.”

To make the baskets, Mr Lavesque suggests using some sort of paint or plastic.

You could use the same kind of paint you use to paint your garden or car, or you could try something a little more artistic.

Mr Laesques suggests adding a small amount of colour to the basket and adding something decorative to it.

“You could add a couple little little pieces of colour and then add a touch of a little texture,” he suggests.

“Or you could use something that has a sparkle to it to make it look really sparkly.”

You can also add a few different designs on the rocks.

This will give the rocks a bit individuality and will give them a different feel.


Decorating your rocks The next step is to decide what kind of rocks you want to decorate.

Mr Lesques suggests you can choose a couple that are both decorative and that don’t clash.

“They’re all about the same size, so that you don to find the size that works best for your size and your wedding guests,” he said.

“And you might want some of them to have a bit a bit less of a look to them.”

Decorative rocks might look pretty, but it’s important to remember that if you are planning a large wedding, you will want to make a large number of your rocks.

Mr Elizondo suggests that the size of your stones should be around 4-6ft, so if you have a large guest you’ll want to choose a stone for them to hang from.

“So, for example, if you’re going to be having a wedding on a large stage, you might think that you want it to have at least two stones,” he explained.

“Each stone is a bit bigger than a little girl, so you’ll have to make up some space for them.”


Making the rocks for your wedding Mr Leesques also recommends you get creative with your decorations.

“Here are some things you can do,” he offers.

“First, make your pictures look as colourful as possible.

Secondly, make sure they are simple, so they don’t take up too much space,”

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