What to expect from the first week of Valentine’s Day 2018

The first day of Valentine is coming fast and furious, and people are planning to spend the day out in public.

Here are the best places to spend your Valentine’s day.


The beach and beaches at Ocean Beach State Park on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Located near the Boston area, the park features a sandy beach and a beach house that hosts weddings and events.

The resort has a few picnic tables, a boat ramp and plenty of seating for families.

The park is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.


The Ocean Beach Resort in Maine has a full-service beach house and a large water park.

The Beach House offers a full day of beach activities for families, including fishing, picnicking, beach volleyball, water sports, boating, and more.

For a special discounted rate, call 781-456-5707 or visit the beach house at www.maine.gov/bears/bigs/index.cfm.


The Bitterroot State Park in Washington, D.C. is the second-largest in the U.S. with a park with about 2.6 million acres of land.

The 1,200-acre park, which is popular for camping, is popular with both locals and tourists, but it’s also the home to many wildlife species.

In addition to nature, visitors can take in the history and artifacts at the park.


The popular Washington, DC-area beachfront spot, The Beach at Pier 50, has more than 400 different varieties of watercraft, including jet skis, watercraft and paddleboards.


The South Beach in New York City is a popular spot for weddings, family gatherings, and other events.

Many of the venues and eateries in the South Beach are open daily from 8 a..m.-9 p.t.

The city also offers an array of events throughout the year.


The Miami Beach beach is a hotspot for weddings and other special events.

Weddings at the Beach at Miami Beach can be scheduled from 8 p,m.-11 p., with the best seats reserved at 1 p.d. or later.

The venue is also open from 8:30 a. and 9 p. m. for special events such as birthday parties, corporate gatherings, corporate parties and other types of weddings.


A family-friendly holiday spot, the Coral Gables, New Jersey, offers a beach volleyball field, a mini-golf course and a hot tub.

The Gables Beach is open every day, seven days an week.


The National Mall in Washington is a favorite for special occasions, such as Christmas or Valentine’s, with over 300 events, from weddings to charity events, and a massive number of special holiday displays.

The mall is open daily, seven day a week, and has an extensive schedule of events and displays, including performances by the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Mall and the U, and the National War Memorial, which has been transformed into a replica of the historic Memorial Day parade.


The St. Regis Hotel in New Orleans is one of the few hotels in the world with a full bar, complete with a barbershop, an art gallery and a full kitchen.

The hotel is open 365 days a year, seven nights a week for corporate events.


The Westin New York is a great option for the first Valentine’s night, especially for couples.

It offers free Wi-Fi access and has a rooftop bar, which features a full menu.


The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a variety of activities, including hikes, biking, picns and a dog-led “bikeshare” for families who want to enjoy the outdoors.


The Park in the Valley in Washington state is a small park with only about 150 acres of natural areas.

This park has a boat launch and picnic tables for families to enjoy, and it also has a fire ring that fires up during the day.

The trail is wheelchair accessible, and there is a full beach house, a hot water fountain, picnic tables and a bike parking lot.


The Rosebud Resort in San Diego has a small beach house for couples and a miniature golf course for families that can accommodate up to 40 guests.


The Rock Creek Resort in Nevada offers a small swimming pool for couples, and its beach house has a mini golf course and sand volleyball courts.


The Chateau de Bordeaux in Paris has a large beach house with a private restaurant and a wine bar.


The Lake Tahoe resort in California has a beautiful and historic lake, which hosts more than 600 outdoor activities including water sports and a horse racing track.


The San Francisco Bay Area resort is home to the Golden Gate

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