Why pumpkin decor isn’t just for Christmas, it’s the most popular decor

A recent survey by a Canadian advertising agency found that pumpkin decor is not just for holiday celebrations, it is the most common decor in the homes of Canadians.

The survey, which was conducted in the spring and was conducted by Pinnacle Media, surveyed over 1,500 Canadians and asked them to rate the ease with which they could decorate a home for their family.

The results showed that people were more likely to choose the decor to be decorated for the holidays, but it wasn’t just the holiday season.

The most popular Christmas decor was the pumpkins.

There was a strong correlation between how people felt about the decor, the number of pumpkins in the home, and how many people were there to decorate the home.

For example, when the number was very low, the most commonly chosen decor was a pumpkin.

The study found that the more pumpkins people had in the house, the more they liked the decor.

Pinnacle’s data showed that a lot of people are happy to have the option to decorinate their homes, and it was this happiness that motivated them to decorat the home and keep up with the season.

Pinch of salt, there are many different ways to decorating a home, Pinnacle said.

“There are a lot more ways to design a home than you might think,” said Matt Grewal, VP and head of marketing for Pinnacle.

What makes the pumpkin an appealing choice for decorating? “

The reality is that if you’re designing a house you are probably not going to want to change anything,” he said.

What makes the pumpkin an appealing choice for decorating?

“Pumpkins are really versatile,” said Grewil.

They can choose whether or not they want to have one for Christmas and then a different one for the other holidays,” he added. “

People can choose between the different pumpkin shapes.

They can choose whether or not they want to have one for Christmas and then a different one for the other holidays,” he added.

“Whether it’s a big pumpkins, or smaller pumpkins,” Grewill continued, “they’re just a very flexible option.”

What’s the big deal about the Christmas season?

“You can always change things up in a house for the Christmas holidays,” Grownal said.

The holidays are a time for decoration, he said, so it’s important to keep the decorating in line with what’s going on in your household.

For instance, if you have a Christmas tree, Grewals advice would be to get it painted red, or white or yellow.

The color doesn’t have to be a specific color.

The more colorful the decor is, the less likely it is that it will be seen as inappropriate.

Grewales advice is to be flexible with your decorating, because sometimes it’s easier to make the most of a limited time.

“A lot of times, we just get stuck in our patterns, and there are some really great things that we can do with our decorating,” Growsal said, adding that there are lots of great ways to change the decor that are easier to do at home than in a shop or shop window.

“I don’t want to be the only person that thinks we need to paint the pumpkin white, or the white pumpkins are for Halloween, or that’s for the kids, that’s not really what I want to do.”

Pinnacle, which is based in Toronto, is one of the largest Canadian advertising agencies, and has offices in Toronto and Vancouver.

Pirelli, the other major ad agency that was involved in the study, was also involved in producing the study.

They partnered with Pinnacle to produce the survey.

Pincelli was able to take the data from the Pinnacle survey and also collect the feedback of Canadians, which has made the results valuable for the firm and its clients.

For Pinnacle it was the survey that made the biggest difference in the final product.

Picelli told The Huffington Post Canada that the goal is to use the data in order to make a better Christmas decorating plan.

“What we are trying to do is to have a better understanding of what is really going on,” Pincellisaid.

Pinchers can make a big difference to how people feel about their homes and how they decorate them.

It’s important that people feel comfortable decorating their homes during the holiday period, Pincerellsaid.

“That’s the way we’re trying to engage with our customers,” she said.

Pawn Stars has a number of pumpkin decorating products that can be ordered through their online store.

Prentice’s Pumpkin and Candle Kit, a pumpkin and candle kit, is the best option for those looking to buy a pumpkin or candle, said Prentice.

It comes with the pumpkin and is easy to

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