World’s 10 biggest fireplaces

At the centre of the World’s ten biggest firestarters is a stunning, multi-purpose firepit in the Brazilian Amazon, where the inhabitants can throw a party, relax or just watch the fire.

A giant firebox holds hundreds of fire-starting devices and fire-breathing apparatus.

It’s home to more than 200 fire-fighting stations, where residents can take to the fire with the help of firefighting drones and fire engines.

The firepit has been used by more than 100,000 people to save lives over the past three decades, according to the Brazilian government.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists it as the world’s most extensive fire pit.

The giant fire pit on a fire-stoked road in Brazil, known as a ‘firepit du jolie’, in the Amazonian state of Bahia.

A fire truck drives along a firepit du jeu.

“It is a very important area for firefighting, because the fire is so strong that it can burn anything, and people who live there are not always safe,” says José María, an official at the state fire department.

The huge firepit on a road in Bahia, Brazil.

The state fire agency in Bahía, Bahia says it has spent more than 20 years training fire-fighters on the fire pit du joliie.

“We have trained them to be able to control the fire, to use a fire extinguisher, to extinguish it,” says María.

“The firefighting people know the fire well and the fire extinguishers are used very effectively.”

A fireman helps a child on the side of a road during a fire rescue mission in Bahias state.

Brazil’s Ministry of Interior says it does not use fire-safety equipment in the firepit, but says it is a natural resource.

The ministry said it had set up training camps for fire-resistant vehicles, fire-proofing material, and fire extinguishing equipment.

Fire-resistant and fireproof vehicles are essential in Brazil’s firefighting and firefighting operations.

Brazil is currently in the midst of a nationwide investigation into a fire that destroyed homes in Sao Paulo state.

The investigation is continuing, with the authorities saying there is no evidence that the fire caused any deaths.

“They are investigating if the fires were caused by people who lived in the area,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Environment said.

“As a result of the investigation, we are looking into the cause of the fire.”

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